Move of the week: Surrenders

Demo Video:

Targets: Glutes, Quads, Hips, Lower Abs, Shoulders, Upper Back

Equipment: Hand towel & yoga mat

Stand hip width a part in front of your folded yoga mat. Hold your hand towel at each end, squeezing your shoulders blades together to try and pull apart your hands from one another and lift the towel over your head.

Step 2:
Shift your weight to your LEFT foot, to allow yourself to step back on your RIGHT foot (behind your yoga mat). Then go down into a deep lunge, lowering your body to place your RIGHT knee on your mat. Then you will swing your LEFT knee on the mat next to your RIGHT. Keeping your shoulders blades squeezed with the towel over your head.

Step 3:
Swing your RIGHT foot out to your side to bring it in front of you. Make sure your knee is lined up with your ankle, so your knee isn’t going past your toes.  Now place your weight in your RIGHT foot to stand up out of the deep lunge, squeezing your glutes and quads.

Repeat on your LEFT side to complete 1 rep.  10-15 total reps, 3-4 times throughout your workout.

NOTES: Make sure you keep your shoulder blades and abs engaged the entire time, also keep your shoulders down away from your ears, rib cage lifted to help keep your spine straight and to prevent you from leaning forward.

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